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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Seek Relationships

Buy the Relational Justice Book
direct from the Jubilee Centre

Relational Justice is about putting relationships at the heart of the criminal justice system – from crime prevention and policing to sentencing, incarceration and probation. It asks, at every stage, the relational question: ‘What will be the likely impact of this or that policy, of this or that change, upon the quality of relationships within the criminal justice process?’

The relational question is a sensible one to ask besides (but not instead of) what ‘works’, what is ‘measurable’, or ‘how much value for how much money’?  It is also an important question because justice is transformative and not a static state. Doing justice means making room for growth, healing and the possibility of restored relationships. Punishing with justice requires that we ask the relational question; when we fail to do so, punishment loses its legitimacy and moral authority.

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